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Jeanne and Paul’s marriage has a problem, this is not surprising in the Cartire family, the Gucci family is very sentimental, later Paul had second wives, and unrelentlessly fiber all the ex – wife mother and daughter of the source. Paul hired one of the four American lawyers to join his ex-wife. He was willing to pay 1 million dollars for a lawyer’s fee, but refused his lawyer to give his wife a one-off compensation of $5 million. “I won’t give her a ^ Qian Yongyuan!” “Their divorce proceedings lasted 7 years, and the flames of war continued to reach the highest court in New York and London. The divorce war ended with Paul’s death. However, when Paul died, many mysterious property was not found. Until today, the bankruptcy lawyers in the United States were still trying to catch up, and the media had never stopped speculation about Paul and the Cartire love rings replica family.

Before he died, Jeanne had been struggling for a long time on poverty line, with the world’s top luxury brand Cartire, so miserable that he could not afford to pay for telephone, lawyer and daughter. Forced to do so, she began to change the real estate of the seller. Finally, she had to rely on her friends’ help to make ends meet.


In the Cartire family men, there is a kind of innate trait, that is, mania and irritability. They can be in the former J clock or polite gentleman, and then J bell becomes hysterical barbarian. The most common scenario at Gucci’s board meetings is that the directors are shouting and angry, and hate the peasants to swallow their courage. However, after they were sealed, they pushed out the door with their shoulders, chatting, laughing and having lunch together with each other intimately, as if nothing had happened.