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The designer believes that the chess piece that will be ‘eaten’ is put on the hand as a ring, and playing as a craft can allow the player to ease the emotion of ‘tight battle’. When the game is over, these uniquely shaped pieces will not be shelved, or a beautiful ‘golden’ ring. Each of the 32 pieces is designed as a ring. Drawing on the way the ring box is stored, the board is made of special materials with 64 gaps on the board. When playing chess, the player only needs to place different pieces in these gaps according to the needs of the arrangement. Learn about the ring version of chess? As one of the most popular board games in the world, chess, while satisfying the most basic functions of chess, must also consider the pursuit of new and interesting psychology by modern chess fans. ‚ÄúTraditional chess pieces are made of wood or plastic, and are also made of stone. More delicate stones, glass, crystal or metal pieces are often used as decorative pieces. In the design, White uses the silver foil process, Black uses the gold foil process, and the design is crowned with jewels to show the nobleness of the ‘King’, while the chess has the highest height; the ‘Queen’ shape is better than the ‘King’ ‘More feminine, the ‘bishop’ is characterized by a cross, and the ‘soldier’ is also represented by a specific shape and conformity Replica Cartier Love Earrings. In this way, each of the 32 black and white pieces is a beautiful gold foil artwork. The ring face is one of the important categories of jadeite products, and it is also the essence of jade essence. An all-embracing jade ring is the ultimate goal of many jade lovers and players. The famous American collector An Siyuan is known as the ‘Chinese godfather of antiques’. His collections are rich, extremely rare and of high value. His favorite is a jade ring that he wears.

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He even calls it dying. I have to swallow the ring and take it away. The top jade ring face is very valuable Replica Cartier Love Rings. In the past years of the jade auction record, the performance of the ring face is not bad. Take the 2014 global jade auction as an example. The jade ring with the highest auction price and the jade pendant ranked first are all sold for HK$21.82 million. The tenth jade pendant is sold for HK$21.83 million; The tenth ring transaction price was 3.54 million Hong Kong dollars, which was basically the same as the tenth-ranked jade pendant price of 2.875 million yuan. The size and weight of the ring face is only a few tenths of the bracelet, but it has such a high collection value, which can be called the jade with the highest price. The value of the jade ring is inseparable from its rarity and beauty. Generally, the best jade stone of the best color is selected, and the most flawless part is made to make the ring face. Polish the best shape and polish it. Although the face is small, but it is plain and without carving decoration, can not hide the shortcomings of jade cotton and cracks, which greatly improves the difficulty of selecting the jade ring face, which is more rare. Another reason people like the emerald ring face is that the ring face is easy to wear after being inlaid into a ring. The ring type and the inlay style are various and can be variously selected. Because the ring face is the most jadeite with international jewelry, ornaments, bracelets, etc. are still biased towards jade, so there are more and more people wearing rings every day, and some people use jade rings instead of diamond rings as wedding rings. In the past few years, the collection of glass jadeites has also led to the popularity of high-grade colorless masks. More and more high-grade white glass (Jadeite) has been processed into a ring face Replica Cartier Love Bracelets. The evening dress necklace set in white glass ring face is also popular in the collection. First, it is the highlight of the annual jade auction. In addition to the two main types of green and colorless, purple jade, jaundice, red dragonfly, ink green and other ring faces are common. In Mandalay, Myanmar’s largest emerald distribution center, you can see a variety of emerald ring faces, from tens of thousands of kyats to hundreds of millions of kyats, the color of the jade ring is really worth the price.