The amazing dream of the Cartire family

The amazing dream of the Cartire family

The family history of Cartire is tortuous and mysterious. On the one hand, the rich and luxurious, the scenery is infinite; on the other hand, the family members are scattered and the family is destroyed. The family of needles has fallen off, but it is magical. Behind the hundred years old cards are full of bridges for heritage, divorce, and murder. It is enough to exclaim that the war in reality is much better than in literary works.


In the 2010 book “the Gucci War: the murdered fashion empire”, the author of the book, the third generation of Gucci Mrs. Jeanne? Gucci, in his personal identity, told the scandal of the Gucci family that shocked the world. Jeanne Gucci, the original name Jeanne Wood, in 1977, she went to Italy to study opera, where she met one of the richest men in the world, the third generation of “Mr. Gucci” Paul Gucci. After ye Yue, the two of them married in Haiti. Jeanne Wood turned gorgeous into Mrs. Gucci.

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