the beach Replica Cartier Love Earrings

When Laura was born, the north wind gave her a silver necklace with three sparkling raindrops hanging from the chain. In the future, Laura will give her a raindrop every time she celebrates her birthday Replica Cartier Love Bracelets. Now, there are already nine raindrops on the necklace. Laura wears this necklace and is not afraid of storm lightning. When it rains, she clapped her hands and stopped the rain. The classmates often said: ‘Laura, Laura, stop the rain, and go out to play.’ There is a little girl named Meg who said, ‘It’s not fair. Why should Laura have that necklace? Why shouldn’t I have it?’ Meg ran to the teacher and said, ‘The boss is wearing a necklace to go to school.’ .’ The teacher said to Laura: ‘You can’t wear a necklace when you go to school. This is the discipline of the school.’ Laura had to hand over the necklace to the teacher and wait for it to go back to school. However, when the teacher went to eat, Meg sneaked away the necklace and put it in his pocket. Meg took the necklace home and was seen by Dad. Question: ‘Where did this necklace come from?’ Meg said: ‘I am on the road.’ ‘This necklace is so good, kids can’t wear it!’ Dad said, taking the necklace away. Dad sold the necklace to the silversmith; the silversmith sold it to the merchant. The merchant bought a precious gift for the Arab princess and he took the necklace on the boat. Laura lost her necklace and was so sad that she was crying at the beach Replica Cartier Love Earrings. The mouse ran to tell her that the necklace was sold by Meg’s father; the bird flew, the necklace was on a ship in the sea; the fish led her, the dolphins glared at her, and chased the merchant ships at sea. One chased the Arabian Peninsula. The bird brought Laura into the king’s garden. When Laura saw the little princess wearing her own necklace, she ran over and said, ‘Sorry, this necklace is mine.’ The king was angry and said, ‘Who brought you to the garden?’ The little princess also said: ‘How do you know that the necklace is yours?’ Laura said: ‘This is a birthday present given to me by the north wind. Wearing it, the storm will not hurt me. Waiting for the north wind to give me the tenth raindrop, it will make the sky rain!’ The king said: ‘If you can make the sky rain, the necklace will give you. We are too dry here, too much rain.’ As the saying goes, the north wind flies into the garden. ‘It turns out that you are here, Laura! I want to give you a birthday present and search the world!’ The kind little princess listened to the north wind and said to Laura, ‘Take the necklace, you are telling the truth.’ The little princess put the necklace on Laura’s neck. Now, Laura has had ten raindrops. Laura smiled and it rained in the sky. Next, next, the trees stretched out the branches and leaves, the flowers spread out the petals, they drank sweet rain, and they were very comfortable. Later, the little princess sent Laura home with her boat. What about Meg? The north wind was very angry and blown off the roof of her house!

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