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Because of the phrase ‘Diamonds are long-lasting, and a eternal rumor’, diamonds have become a symbol of strong love, and they have been set on the ring, becoming a must-have for people to propose and marry. Many people don’t know that diamonds are not the only choice for marriage. Foreign newcomers propose marriage and marriage. Many people are willing to choose some meaningful colored jewellery and customize a wedding ring of their own. In addition to the exclusive style, you can also commemorate the date, symbol or name of the exclusive two on the jewelry. Many people say that the love of the student era is the most pure and unforgettable. Yes, Cubs and Tim Wing are high school alumni, who know each other in the studio because they are very chattering, become pen pals, and later become lovers. In the eyes of the bear, the wing is a cute, gentle, and decisive person, just complementary to his own character. When I first started to fall in love, the two had more quarrels, and there was a cold situation in which each word was held. Now, each time the two disputes will not exceed the next day, they must end on the same day. ‘Get along for a long time, understand each other’s personality, and find out how to get along with each other. Every time I quarrel, I will apologize to admit her mistakes in order to let her get mad.’ ‘For four years in college, I went to university in Guangzhou, and she was studying in a different place. Our love has also lasted for 4 years in a long distance relationship.’ Cubs said that many people now connect long distance relationships with no results. He himself believes that the years of long distance love is really hard. They can stick to it and make a positive result.

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There are two main aspects. First, because Tianyi is a more persistent girl, once it is determined, it is very difficult to change. This is the case for them. Secondly, To be grateful, they give the greatest support when the other party wants to give up, so that this relationship can be maintained. Now, the two have opened a pottery studio together and work together to create a fight. In the past three years, they have been living together almost every day, and their feelings have increased rapidly. ‘Two people together, in order to let each other understand and adapt to each other’s various habits and ways of doing things, this is also the most important stage of the marriage before entering the marriage Fake Hermes Clic Clac H Bracelet.’ Xiaoxi said, but when the two people work and life are involved There will also be bad places, and it is easy to move the emotions generated during life and work. ‘Whether it is work or marriage, we are all in the beginning stage. I hope we can have a better future and go further together.’ said the bear. The pursuit of difference Replica hermes jewelry, so the wedding ring to be customized ‘have always had the idea of ​​custom-made jewelry for the wing, previously because of lack of funds, and later did not meet the right designer, so this idea has been shelved.’ As a process design Cubs told reporters that both husband and wife are pursuing something different. After seeing the wedding ring of Qianjia Design, they also want to customize a special ring for themselves. This emerald wedding ring is the center of the ring with Colombian emeralds, cut in egg-shaped facets, with 18K gold ring.

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